Dom Perignon Rosé 2005

The 2006 is a tough act to follow. This has even more red wine at around 29%, opening up with smoky coffee and liquorice before the raspberry and redcurrant fruit pops up with lovely delicacy. There is an exotic star anise perfume, but also a little red chicory – something for me a touch vegetal. The front end is lovely, but the harmony and progression of the 2006 is missing


Date Tasted : 03/03/2019

/ 2005, Champagne, Dom Perignon, Rosé

Rare Rare Rosé 2007

56% Chardonnay and 44% Pinot Noir. Régis explained how, when this wine was made, serious Rosé Champagne was not really in fashion. On top of this, he “didn’t choose the easiest year” in 2007. This, for me, carries more delicacy than the Blancs, with a delicious shade of sweet strawberry and pomegranate syrup colouring the fruit. Just a touch of anise and warm spice. The palate is so airy and fresh, with a lovely blood-orange freshness and a touch of honey developing. Such impressive balance and alignment on the palate, especially for 2007; for me this is ready to drink, but I quite like my Rosés youthful!


Date Tasted : 28/11/2018

/ 2007, Champagne, Rare, Rosé

Nyetimber Rosé MV NV, 2014 Base

A restrained style at the moment, opens with sweet cherry giving way to gentle redcurrant shortbread. There’s a little white peach melba (good 2014 Chardonnay fruit in there) and red pear too, touched with macaroon and cream. Very subtle ginger and white pepper spice, with something like Thai basil too – I think some of these aromatics will come into focus soon. The Chardonnay keeps it so defined on the palate, which finds a very deft and transparent dosage balance. It’s good but it’s only just unfurling.


Date Tasted : 02/01/2019

/ 2014 Base, England, NV, Nyetimber, Rosé

Ferrari Perlé Rosé 2012

80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay. A very clean and fragrant style. What strikes me about this wine is just how well-balanced the spectrum of flavours in on the nose; it adds up to something really beautiful. There’s some ripeness with fresh raspberry and candied strawberry, a little sunny apricot and autumnal notes of red quince/crabapple jelly. Brightness comes from ripe citrus (pink grapefruit and clementine) and subtle complexity of basil and tea. This wine shows lovely integration of the lees-aged character with just a touch of creaminess and smoke, but it’s all very pristine and far from heavy. A little speculoos biscuit and floral honey hint at development – it was disgorged in August 2018.

The palate is fresh with fine fruit intensity. I think it needs a little more time for the dosage to settle, but the clarity and subtlety of the fruit shines through with ripe acidity carrying the crabapple and berry fruit some distance on the finish. Real delicacy to the mousse. Best till 2022


Date Tasted : 17/01/2019

/ 2012, Ferrari, Rosé, TrentoDOC

Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé Brut 2015

Made in Cornwall with grapes from across Southern England (lots from Essex I hear). What appears to be quite a fun, fruit-driven wine on the nose does start to throw up some lovely complex shades with a bit of time in the glass. There’s strawberry macaroon and redcurrant fruit at first, together with this very English hedgerow fruit character (crabapple/hawthorn jelly*). Behind it all there’s sweetness of clementine and ripe pink grapefruit as well as little touches of spice and cream. Fresh, straightforward and balanced on the palate, which is quite tight right now.


Date Tasted : 04/01/2020

/ 2015, Camel Valley, England, Rosé