Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2012

The Blanc, composed of 55% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier and 20% Chardonnay sees 15% vinification in oak and no MLF. The wine is only taken to 4.8 bar pressure because higher pressures “fight with malic acid”. The wine is jetted upon disgorgement (made to foam in a precise manner to avoid oxygen ingress once the crown cap is removed), which took place for this bottle in March 2019. A subtle, shifting picture of complex apple and white fruits presented with glimmering clarity alongside touches of starfruit and light, fresh baklava (something I was surprised to find in my notes, but find it I did !). An amazing length of pithy ripe citrus keeps the palate so composed for a Brut Nature, with no clamping down or narrowing.


Date Tasted : 17/12/2019

/ 2012, Champagne, Classic Blend, Louis Roederer

Louis Roederer Brut Nature Rosé 2012

There’s beautiful fruit here of singed blood orange and fresh, delicate raspberry seasoned with subtle smoke and allspice. That inner freshness is there again, almost like an energy source inside the wine keeping it afloat against the odds.


Date Tasted : 17/12/2019

/ 2012, Champagne, Louis Roederer, Rosé

Pierre Gimonnet Oenophile 2012

This opened up to be more layered than I was expecting – there are quite a few different shades of Chardonnay in here. First out of the blocks are classical notes of cox apple, fresh quince and ground almond, but the intensity of 2012 gives us some headier flavours of kiwi, orange and apricot kernel without stepping too far from the sea-breeze freshness of the whole package. The lees ageing offers cushioning on a palate which otherwise cracks a whip of almost compressing intensity – its beautifully-woven acid and salty savour become quite addictive after a couple of sips. With time and acclimatisation comes a delicate, sappy sweetness – a gift from the lees-ageing I think. Delicacy and intensity in one – enjoy it fairly young I think


Date Tasted : 09/04/2019

Fratelli Berlucchi Freccianera 2012

60% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Bianco, 10% Pinot Nero. Ripe, slightly pithy mandarin and candied grapefruit with sweet peach, pear and quince. Some sweet creaminess on the nose. Quite straightforward – not much backbone or length here, with slightly phenolic character coming through on the palate and introducing a little harshness. Some toast. Attractive


Date Tasted : 15/11/2018

Ferrari Perlé Rosé 2012

80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay. A very clean and fragrant style. What strikes me about this wine is just how well-balanced the spectrum of flavours in on the nose; it adds up to something really beautiful. There’s some ripeness with fresh raspberry and candied strawberry, a little sunny apricot and autumnal notes of red quince/crabapple jelly. Brightness comes from ripe citrus (pink grapefruit and clementine) and subtle complexity of basil and tea. This wine shows lovely integration of the lees-aged character with just a touch of creaminess and smoke, but it’s all very pristine and far from heavy. A little speculoos biscuit and floral honey hint at development – it was disgorged in August 2018.

The palate is fresh with fine fruit intensity. I think it needs a little more time for the dosage to settle, but the clarity and subtlety of the fruit shines through with ripe acidity carrying the crabapple and berry fruit some distance on the finish. Real delicacy to the mousse. Best till 2022


Date Tasted : 17/01/2019

/ 2012, Ferrari, Rosé, TrentoDOC

Taittinger Vintage 2012

So clean – lemon tart, fresh red apple with dried apple and thyme. Grapefruit peel, a touch smoky. Lovely progression of acid. Subtle but fine.


Date Tasted : 24/09/2017

/ 2012, Champagne, Classic Blend, Taittinger

Louis Roederer Vintage 2012

After the reserved Pols, this just seemed so expressive. Intense orchard fruit, quite potent with meaty, savoury Pinot in evidence. Still a lot of apple freshness – no malo. Delicious.


Date Tasted : 24/09/2018

/ 2012, Champagne, Classic Blend, Louis Roederer