I’m pleased to announce that English Sparkling Wine 2020 is here. The Kindle Edition is recommended for mobile/tablet reading and easier navigation via the Kindle App. The PDF download is suitable for large tablets and PC screens.

Ebook edition £5.99 (Kindle + All Mobile Devices/Computers via the Kindle App)


“What a great work it is. Full of good facts, opinions, research and data. I hope anyone interested and/or involved will read it.” Stephen Skelton MW, Author of The Wines of Great Britain

ESW2020 is intended as an up-to-date, fully-independent and focused survey of one of the wine world’s most closely-watched regional styles. This resource is designed for everyone from wine shoppers looking for the perfect bottle at home to international buyers faced with the increasing selection being offered for export. Extensive visits, tastings and discussions with the industry’s leading lights have led to thirty-two producers and over one hundred wines being included. 

Scored selections are featured for each producer, as well as a detailed overview of the whole range and ‘In Focus’ sections for unique, producer-specific insights. An all-new Buyer’s Guide includes a range of selections in different stylistic directions as well as a Style Map designed to help readers find similar (or contrasting) approaches as they explore the wines. 

In addition, English Sparkling Wine 2020 features three all-new articles:

  • Nucleation Points: How the Anatomy of English Sparkling Wine is Changing. Will growth in production be matched by increasing complexity, dimensionality and variety? 
  • How Important is Chalk to English Sparkling Wine? Is the fact that England shares many soils with Champagne of viticultural significance, marketing significance, or both?
  • English Sparkling Wine in Competition. Which have been the most successful producers and wines over six major wine competitions since 2014? Do their successes point to where future success might lie?

Dive in and polish a glass!

Jan 2021 – all customers at Grape Britannia can enjoy a free copy of ESW2020! You will receive a code at checkout. (Six Atmospheres receives no commission or other remuneration for this deal)


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