The Trouble With Dreams 2014* (60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir) is the current wine in this series. 50% is fermented in oak without malolactic, 50% fermented in steel with malolactic. Dosage of 6 g/l. This gregarious, outgoing style brings a sense of oxidative warmth and oak spice with it from the start, yet ends up presenting it with some precision. Dried pear and roasted lemon mingle with anise and ground yellow spices, pale butter shortbread and dry, hard rocks, papaya and orange blossom. The tang of Fino sherry even pops up. It’s big on the front end and fans out to a close that is surprisingly-gentle with sweet grapefruit and chewy almonds.
A bit too open, tires quickly and could do with more freshness. Too oxidative. Complex, though.


Date Tasted : 15/11/2019

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