100% Pinot Noir, 2015 base with 25% reserve wines and 25% vinification in oak. Pours rose gold, with a cocktail of yellow and golden fruits popping up – peach and yellow plums, lemon yoghurt, grapefruit and starfruit. Flecks of camphor and gunpowder emerge after a bit of time in the glass. and a touch of red cherry perfume doffs its cap to the other side of the mountain.

This wears its oak lightly, which I really like. It’s quite straightforward on the palate, airy through the middle without too much savour and toast for now. The dosage is not obtrusive but lends a sappy yellow-plum sweetness in a way I find a little present at the moment. I think this will lose some of its puppyish-ness with another 2 years in bottle. Lovely style


Date Tasted : 18/05/2019

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