2014 vintage. Disgorged Nov 2017. Dosage 3 g/l. ‘Left Bank’ Meunier from Le Port a Binson in the Marne valley. Here was a wine that everyone around the table loved. It seemed to capture all the best facets of Meunier without some of the more off-kilter aspects – smoky/confected/blowsy/oxidative/fat/oily etc – that you sometimes come across in wines from Champagne’s underdog variety. Those characters can be fun, in balance, but they can get a bit tiring. This is more ‘Pinot’ than ‘Meunier’, perhaps.
Red pear pastry, slightly toffeed, with some warm cinnamon spice and cashew. Candied orange peel and key lime pie. It’s intense but avoids anything heavy-footed, instead homing in on the finish with some drive and focus. No MLF. I found this a truly rewarding, interesting drink, and one of the finest 100% Meuniers I’ve tried so far.


Date Tasted : 13/12/2019

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