I love the citrus character here – bergamot lemons and clementine, crystallised zest and citrus leaf too. There’s richness here from apricot pastry, almond and dried apple, whilst the fruit shows some Chouilly ripeness with sunny kiwi/mango and a lovely exotic sense of ground ginger and tarragon. Oak is quite present as layer of buttermilk richness at the moment.

Intense ripe citrus kicks out on the palate with some chalky, vinous grip – it’s almost jagged in places, rounding out quite plushly with some autolytic creaminess. You can feel the oak gently dancing away on the finish with butter toffee whilst some pithy notes play along. After a while some wild apple juice starts to characterise the palate – think the posh stuff from a farm shop, nice and not too bruised (but not totally sanitised either). It’s not really driven by acidity, but has some ageing capacity – I’d say it actually needs it to integrate a little more. Confident and quite extroverted Blanc De Blancs


Date Tasted : 22/03/2019

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